1 or More Free Grams of Bubble Hemp Ice Water Extract With Every Purchase


Please use my hemp flower responsibly. Do not travel with open packages of hemp or consume in public. Please consume only on private property and only in ways that are legal in your area.

Legally, I can not be held responsible for what you choose to do with the hemp flowers that I am selling.

I have tried my best to follow all Federal and State Laws.  I am a licensed grower and producer in the state of Wisconsin.  My hemp was certified fit for commerce by the DATCP of Wisconsin.  I fully believe hemp flower is legal for me to sell and will continue to sell hemp flower until someone informs me otherwise.  But, the laws change regularly, and I am not a lawyer.   I will always do my best to be a legal seller and follow the guidelines issued by the State of Wisconsin.

I make no claims about the use of hemp flower to promote healing or treating disease.  Ask your health care provider or find information on your own.

Please use responsibly and follow all state and local laws