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Grow the World You Want to Live In

I grew the Suver Haze and Lifter hemp featured on this site to my own high standards.  I am a proud hemp smoker, and I am glad to have a quality product to share with others. There are many of us out there who have the desire to smoke good homegrown hemp.  Until we can all smoke our own hemp, enjoy my hemp!

I strongly believe in better than organic production methods. I will never use chemicals or harmful inputs or pesticides.   Good clean soil makes the best flowers.

I believe in small scale craft production of hemp.  I am not trying to get larger and larger.  I would prefer to get better and better.  In our globalized agricultural world, everyone is trying to produce more and more agricultural commodities without a care about the environment or the world around the farms. 

In my opinion, hard work on small scale organic farms is more productive, better for the environment, and more nourishing for the soul of the farmer and the land than large commodity farming.

Instead of growing for quantity, I tried to grow quality hemp that would make the best flowers possible.

I really hope you enjoy these products as much as I do.

Thank you!

Luke Heidt and Wisconsin Hemp Flower

my blog has lots more information about the hemp I grew and my philosophy of growing